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 This is a comprehensive e-book on database normalization

This e-book will walk you through all the 5 normal forms in database normalization normally used to analyze data models in the making. This book has not made to deliver academic definitions of the normal forms but to communicate with the authors practical experience.  



 E-mail autoresponder system

This system is different from other e-mail auto responder systems. Using this system you can create as many desktop viewers as you want each with its own content and subscriber list. Allows you to set expiring date for your messages so that they will not show after that time.



 Secrets of keeping your office/home computer fast and safe

If your computer has become very slow and it is behaving unexpectedly then you can try this software. A top IT pro breaks his silence and reveals the secret techniques to keep your home office screaming fast, free of viruses, spywares and hackers, and 100% backed up.



 Learn Photoshop in just 2 hours

Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop in under 2 hours with easy to follow instantly accessible online video tutorials. The step-by-step video tutorials reveal shortcut secrets to conquer Adobe Photoshop quickly and easily.



 Unlimited laptop repair video collections

Check out over more than 12 hours of high quality videos recorded by a well known professionals. Do you want to learn how to fix laptops ? Are you afraid of working on laptops in the fear of breaking it. Expand your skill set and make big money fixing laptops instead of sending the business away.



 Link building black book

Link building is nothing as complex as some make out. But it does of course need to be done correctly. Through this e-book you'll get the in-depth knowledge of link building. Forget the re-hashed blog pages that only have a few tidbits of information. All the free information out there is almost inadequate.


 Google redirect virus removal tool

The Google search redirect virus is the most common viruses of 2010/2011 infecting millions of computers around the world. Designed by expert hackers it is annoying will continually redirects your search to fake sites. It cannot be removed by traditional antivirus programs.



 Create your own programing language

If you want to impress your  employer and peers with a resume that says "I created my own programing language" then just see this system. Creating a programing language from scratch is hard. This system will teach you all the secrets of making your language come to life. The book will guide you through simple way in making your language.


 Revolutionary 3D animation software

What if you told about that you can make animations and models like Pixar and Walt Disney easily and quickly from the comfort from your home with the same software that leading European studios are using ? Creating3D animations can be very time consuming and demanded that you spend thousand of dollars but with this software you can give all your worries about making a good 3D.


 cPanel website backup software

Protect your online business and keep all your data safe and secure on your local hard drive. This easy to use software quietly runs in back of your PC or MAC and automatically downloads the current cPanel backups from inside of your hosting account to your hard drive.  



 Host 10 websites with unlimited space and traffic

Host 10 websites with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space and also get free softwares, self-installing scripts and templates. This hosting service is a type of service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own site accessible to web.



 Awsome Wordpress Theme

This theme is completely customizable, quality coded and comes bundled with many layout options and allows anyone to make custom website in minutes instead of days and weeks. Multipurpose hassle free theme that covers almost every possible page layout imaginable. While most other theme provides only a Home page and a Blog page it provides Home +20  options and blog + 10 options with different layouts.

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