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Watch over 3,500 channels on your PC

Watch more than 3,500 TV channels through this new software technology in any country. Now you can enjoy more channels than your cable TV by just giving a little one time fee less than your monthly cable bill.
Our revolutionary software will allow you to watch over 4500
Digital HD channels via optimized streaming technology. You will have full and constant access to all the aforementioned channels from any location on the globe! Have all this and more, for half the cost of a single month of cable service! In addition, you won’t need any dishes or boxes to activate our service. All you need is our software a computer and an internet connection. Think of what we are offering you.

 Watch and download movies

Now you can download 1,000 of movies. All movies on this site are licensed and downloaded from this sites servers. They are top vendors in this field. Play your downloaded movies on your computer, Home theater or Television.
We provide the tools to  burn your movie downloads to CD or DVD so you can play them on your standalone DVD player Archive of this sites updates regularly to give you top releases.


 Learn Piano from masters

If you are new to Piano and don't know from where to begin then you can check this site, with this site you'll discover how to play music, how to improvise,how to play Jazz and Gospel and how to play with the magic. Thousands of people like you worldwide have used this multimedia course already.


 Choose from various high quality Tattoos

If you are looking for high quality Tattoos look no further because here you can search from thousands of Tattoo designs. Choose from Arm band tattoos, belly button tattoos, butterfly tattoos, cartoon tattoos, Chinese tattoos, Celtic tattoos, cross tattoos and many more.



 Learn singing like professionals

Do you want to sing like a professional ? Do you want to sing in a band ? In a choir ? What so ever be the reason this is a cutting edge learning kit. Soon you'll be able to sing with a range and control of a professional. This course is developed by professionals in the field and you can learn from scratch with them. 


 Learn how to play Violin from masters

This is a solution for you if you are looking for a one stop teaching tool to the world of Violin either for yourself, your children, or your friend. This is the most versatile online teaching tool. It doesn't matter whether you're a beginner, all you need is a willingness to learn. 



 Learn Digital Photography the easy way

If you want to become a professional Digital Photographer and don't know from where to begin than check this site and you'll come to know the secrets of Digital Photography. Here you'll learn how to capture a moment which come unexpectedly.



 Learn how to play Guitar scales

This is a total step-by-step blueprint for total scale success which will improve your improvising, increase your speed, learn scales faster, solo more musically, and many more tricks to learn Guitar. Remember all you have to do is to give your precious time and determination.



 Learn to dance like the stars

Dancing is the best way keep fit, stay ahead of your diet, lose your unwanted body fat, so learn dancing from Louis who is a celebrity dance instructor who showcases in favorite TV show "Dancing with the stars". Do you know how to Jive? This is a fast-paced, very exciting dance to learn! You get to let loose and release all that stress and tension with your partner! Easy to learn and will be a great cardio workout!


 Learn never before used magic tricks

One of the most sought-after pro magicians have finally agreed to share the amazing master mentalism magic secrets. If you are looking to be one of them then don't waste your time. Learn street magic, hypnotism, mind reading, card tricks, illusions, and much more.